Sunday, 16 August 2009

Learn Piano Online - Have Fun!

Thinking about learning piano online? Well as a beginner it quite reasonably seems incredible to to think that you could ever play a Mozart Sonata. The truth is, if you learn to read music, practice every day and do your lessons, in time you will be playing that Mozart Sonata.

The thing is that piano for beginners should always be enjoyable - why else would you ever want to play in the first place? This is however, the biggest missing piece for almost all beginners and as they move beyond the stage where they have been carried along by their early enthusiasm, the business of practice can quickly become drudgery.

Yet it need never be this way. Not if you have made the importance of the process being fun a priority right from the beginning. A useful mindset to adopt is one of playfulness and discovery. It is with this frame of mind that you can get things wrong and be OK with it. After all, getting things wrong is all part of the process of learning, is it not?

If you were to think about a child when it first tried to stand or walk, inevitably it falls not just on the first and second attempts, but many more times. Think what kind of a world it would be if parents where to judge the child based on those initial failures and think "well she's just not going to be a walker I guess" and give up hope?

It's in many ways a silly example, but I hope it makes the point. You will make mistakes, there will be things that take a little more practice or effort to fully grasp, but it's OK and the process to learn piano online can still be fun if you allow it to be.

So make a promise to yourself that you will simply follow your lessons and do your practice and all the while choose not to judge your apparent failures (they aren't really failures at all anyway) because thay aren't important. What is important is the practicing of something you have a passion for.

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